Peripetia (2010)

Credits: Peripeteia | Installation view | 2010 | Mixed media on paper | Diverse sizes

Galerist hosts Viron Vert's, titled "Peripeteia" from June 3 to July 3, 2010. 

In the exhibition, the artist's watercolors, works in a collage, and notes that "peripeteia" meets with art lovers for the first time. The artist first heard this word, while watching a movie, in which the main character was explaining a moment, when a hero of classic Greek drama could not find any solution to a problem, and all his accumulated knowledge was not enough to help him. Therefore, the hero's only chance to understand the situation better, and finding new solutions! 

Today, the word "peripeteia" is defined as "adventure". In Greek drama, it is the moment when the story changes its course, and starts to advance in the opposite direction.Vertely that, he experiences and feels the meaning of this word frequently in his life, and points out the reason behind the exhibition's name "peripeteia" and the foundation of his works in the exhibition. 

In the center of Vert's works, there are human beings and how they are integrated into the system. How far are we from our roots? Do we learn anything from our history? Why do we act this way? Why do we see the same problems in every country and in all systems? While the artist looks for answers to these questions, it is curious, how can we be so close to our roots and so far away from them simultaneously, in modern society. 

Every problem holds its solution within it.The artist tries to find the world in which he lives, just like the hero in the Greek drama. He wants to carry on, until he finds answer. Although, the works of Vert in the exhibition looks different from each other, they bear the same hope and wish inside. So they look for a way to explain the experiences in a new dimension. 

Text / gallery owner