Once a worker, be a worker! ()

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Once a worker, be a worker!

Today, the term of “labor” refers especially in visual culture to a nostalgic picture, a picture of fist or a worker which left behind the socialist publications of the seventies. Using that term today is askin to look at the world through a broken and dusty window.

Therefor, we wanted to use a reference which would capture this feeling and carry it over the audience whistles while visiting the exhibition, but as far as the audience cannot hear. First, we remembered an unforgettable song: ” Working Class Hero “. Then Istanbul found for us the counterpart: Cem Karaca’s ” Iscisin, isci kal” (” Once a worker, stay a worker “) Whe borrowed the song and, making a minor change (“Once a worker, be a worker!”), proposed it to the audience as an italic memory pill……….

“Once a worker, be a worker” does not say ” stay as a worker” but rather “be one”. In order to transform and reform the process with a performative approach, it defends returning to the basic questions and values. In a world where labor and production is looked down on and devalued and where political creative morality has dissappeared; it suggests us to review the projects – interesting and good by all means- sent by the applicants from a perspective that revolves around ” creative labor” and ” intellectual property”. This project views the applications- responding to an open invitation- as responses to what is happening, to questions being asked and the replies to them……..

Text / Adnan Yildiz