Heimat/Wüste/Herberge (2013)


Exhibition and publication are a journey. The occasion and the location are identical. The restored hostel of the Grauer Hof in Aschersleben. A remaining part of a monastery from the 13th century. The building served as a hostel for nearly 600 years, as a prison for 100 years and as a city archive for 50 years.

Now it's becoming a hostel again and the historical circle of the hike closes. The artists are the first guests of the hostel. They report and reflect on events from around the world, as is common with travelers. On settlement, accommodation, home follows expulsion, vacancy, desert.

Gabriel Rossell Sanillán, The Lonely Delinquent of the Wirraritari (Huichol), who fled the Spanish conquerors in the desert of Mexico and Constantine Hartenstein. The stone remains of the fireplaces of a vanished socialist colony, the Llano del Rio, on the edge of the Mojave Desert in the US, just one of several abandoned settlements in California alone.

Philip Topolovac, who digs out the bombed-out flats in Berlin by opening the new buildings, is there at the passage of the non-existent again. New migrations through water spikes, rising sea levels, devastation of all kinds are ahead of us.

It wants to take many hostels, people want to go through deserts to find new homes.

Text / Peter Lang