Correct me if i’m critical (2010)

Credits: Installation view, Feleshuset

Correct me if i’m critical

Correct me in a critical position  is an issue that is approached, produced, and positioned by artistic practices today. Referring to the Scandinavian and German traditions of political correctness,  correct me if i'm critical  takes its institutional framework and support structures (Swedish Embassy, Berlin and other venues included into the program) as a contextual base, and investigates the possibilities of contemporarizing Hannah Arendth's terms  "agent"  and  "action" .

By distinguishing action ( practice ) from fabrication ( poiesis ), linking it to freedom, and presenting its connection to speech and remembrance,  correct me if critical  takes a critical position, and proposing to experience being an agent of her / his / her being as one who has the ability to make choices and impose them on the world. It develops an eclectic approach by experimenting with the different levels of interaction between blogging and curating, media and content as well as personal and public. As an alternative form of exhibition, it is composed exhibition ground, solo presentations, event based discussions, performances, screening, and  Summer Studio / August 2010, a discussion and production unit.