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By Aidmail / Shop in gallery

The scarves “By Aidmail” build up as a classic fashion collection began as a search for kind of cultural tool. A tool to discuss, or even end the discussion on the scarf as a politically charged symbol. A tool that could see the different perspectives of the questions in the orient and occident and still have a sense of humor.

The result became a series of scarves, here highlighted by the Haute-Couture Line, where the print consists of two different kinds of hair styles and colour printed on a silk scarf, giving an oriental, traditional woman the chance to live a modern and intergrated life without compromising her religious beliefes. Or the other way around: giving a western civilized woman the right to dress fashionable correctly in the oriental world without compromising her sense of style and attitude.

It is a design/art item that strives or democracy. And that wants to elevate the discussion on integration and identity above that of muslim female headwear. Under the framing of the “Correct me if i’m critical” group show, organized for the anniversary of Fellethuset by Adnan Yildiz in Berlin. The work was presented as a “Shop/in/gallery” installation in collaboration with “Galerie Opdahl” in Berlin.

Text / Tomas Hemstad