Born In The Purple (2017)

Image 1: How happy is the one who says I am Turkish! / Ne Mutlu Türküm Diyene! Image 2: Exhibition view Image 3: XXXXXXX Image 4: Exhibition view Image 5: Exhibition view Image 6: Ykhalili Baydatak! /Long live your balls! Image 7: Exhibition view Image 8: An Armenian in the Kitchen a Greek in the Bed / Bir Ermeni Mutfakta Bir Rum Yatakta Image 9: Sorry, but are you Turkish? /Afedersiniz, Türk müsünüz? Image 10: Sorry, but are you Turkish? /Afedersiniz, Türk müsünüz? Image 11: How nice the Gladioli are Image 12: How nice the Gladioli are (detail) Image 13: How nice the Gladioli are (detail) Image 14: My Child / My Willy!?, Çocuğum / Çuçum Image 15: My Child / My Willy!?, Çocuğum / Çuçum Image 16: Exhibition view Image 17: Exhibition view Image 18: A Human is like a Closed Box, İnsan Kapalı Kutu Gibidir Image 19: Josephine and Bellydancer I & II Image 20: Finito la musica la pasata fiesta! / When the music stops, the party’s over Image 21: Finito la musica la pasata fiesta! / When the music stops, the party’s over (detail) Image 22: Porphyrogennetos Image 23: Porphyra Club Image 24: Porphyra Club Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien Photo: Eric Tschernow

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Born In The Purple

Born in The Purple is an interdisciplinary exhibition project by Berlin-based artist Viron Erol Vert that revolves around global urgencies including cultural supremacy, identitarian abuse and basic human rights. In the exhibition and in the exhibition, in the exhibition, to share thoughts, knowledge and sensuous moments, Vert shows 12 the newly created artistic positions in the exhibition and invites the public as well as the guest to join the Porphyra Club .

Coming from Old Istanbul and Mediterranean Family roots which blend Greek Orthodox, Arab, Levantine, Armenian, and Sephardic cultures, Vert takes Istanbul's ancient history and its recent past as Focal Points for Born in The Purple , Istanbul's Osmanbey, one of itself in the 12 rooms of Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien. Through everyday life objects, patterns, melodies, idioms, youth and childhood memories, Vert does not reflect on the idea of ​​minority status and concepts of flexible citizenship, but also refers to major power shifts and hegemonic conflicts around the world.The multilateral usage of format and material in Vert's works reflects the various perspectives that can be found in recent societal developments.

Born in The Purple is the direct translation of the Greek term Porphyrogennetos to honorific title given to an emperor's child born in a special chamber of purple marble called Porphyra in the Great Palace of Byzantine Constantinople, modern day Istanbul. It was believed that only a child who had born in this room had superior rights to success. Vert's exhibition can be seen as an artistic study on the relevance and impact of conceptions of superiority and questions that occur in the context of expulsion.

Within the exhibition, this concept becomes a metaphor for shifting global dynamics which affects the present and future of metropolitan societies and multicultural cities. Who has a right to rule, who has a right to stay and who has right to shelter?

Concept: Viron Erol Vert

Co-curators: Didem Yazıcı, Melina Gerstemann