Air Abraham ()

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Air Abraham

The project ” Air Abraham” is a play on orientalism, and the history of the flying carpet in the orient and occident. The story emanates from the q’uran and the carpet of King Solomon, which was comisioned by god but woven by the devil and therefore becomes an intersection between good and evil.

Vert sees this as a metaphore for democracy, and in his design, based on deconstructions of the Star of David, that in the same time is the symbol of King Solomon the owner of the carpet. The aesthetic melts science fiction with ancient mythology, mathematics, science and esoteric together to one piece.

The processing of the motif becomes a blueprint to other dimensions of space, time and being. And the interplay between orient and occident seeks to bring the two worlds closer. Vert blends the language of the ancient with that of the contemporary in a quest for new paths of identity.

Text / Tomas Hemstad