Who is Viron Erol Vert?

How does a human being grasp his identity? Which sources inform him about his origin? How does he decide where he is from? How are you? „Who are you?“ Where does he even start? The Berlin residing artist Viron Erol Vert is tackling these questions by constantly collecting and keeping track of his visual memory through various materials. Vert indiscriminately uses materials like paper, cloth, patterns, painting, photographer to create experiments designed to act as transformations between media. He brings together imagery, which he deems as significant for himself, to create shared relations, forms, and new possibilities.The end result are collages, designs, statues or design objects, like scarves and carpets that are made using traditional production techniques. Vert’s relation with history not only represents identity crisis but also acts a threshold of awareness; a cosmos of imagination. History deals with the future, Viron Erol Vert deals with both. Vert virtually works as a child of alchemist. He collects curative imagery, fascinating stories, and characters that are inspired and compile them to the light of his own imagination. Some visual codes are used on strategic designs, repeated as a template to create a new miseen scene. He sincerely believes in his own tales, just like every good story.In fact, he keeps a record of his own epoch, just like a vakanuvis (court historian). He does not want to forget mementos, things he has seen, and people he encountered; in a period where changing moving images fill our screens. He creates abstract narratives and records his personal history. He discusses these issues with different references, using his multi-cultural family background, cosmic interests, and his multi-identity stemming from living in Berlin. Vert associates his identity with what he remembers and what he has forgotten; he answers the questions about his relationship with forms and linguistic meetings.His imagination runs deep: the flying carpet fairy tale, the myth of King Solomon, astrological charts, religious history … he implements their hopeful signs, signs and symbols that inspire him in his works, transforming and updating them to our times.

Text / Adnan Yildiz



2017    Born In The Purple , Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien, Berlin

            The Name of Shades of Paranoia , Called Different Forms of Silence, Gallery Wedding, Berlin

2014    The chronicler , Künstlerhaus Stuttgart

            Engineering Abraham 1 , Dairy Pavilion, Berlin

2013    WHILE / STOCKS / LAST , Zografeion, Istanbul, TR

            Typhon / Transit / Aphrodite , Bar Babette, Berlin

            Private View , xavierboulbenne, Berlin

2012    7 Perde / 7 Curtains , Galerist, Istanbul, TR

            Air Abraham , Tape Modern, Berlin

2010    By Aidmail / Shop in gallery , Studio Pick, Gallery Opendahl, Berlin

            Peripetia , gallery owner, Istanbul, TR

            Missing Link aka Heaven / Hell , TinTin, Berlin


2017    The border / The Border , Goethe Institute in cooperation with the HMKV, Dortmund

            Disintegrate !, 3.Berlin Herbstsalon, Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin

            House of Wisdom , Collective Cukurcuma, with stations in Dzialdov, Berlin  Istanbul Biennial, TR, Framer Framed, Amsterdam, NL

            The Finger that Shows the Moon Never Moons, Dan Gun Gallery, Berlin

            Homeland“ Canakkale Art Walk , BBK, Osnabrück

            The Corundum of Imagination , Leopold Museum, Vienna, A

            ğ- the soft g – Queer forms migrate , Schwules Museum, Berlin

2016    The border , Goethe Institute in cooperation with the HMKV with stations,  including Moscow, Kiev, Minsk, Tbilisi and Central Asia.

            In eternity , Society for Christian Art, DG, Munich

            Power Play , shop window, Berlin

            Where are we now , NBK – Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (nbk), Berlin

            Nonlinear Future , Mixer, Istanbul, TR

2015    SELF , Ansaldo, Milano, IT

            The mechanical corps , hardware. Media Art Association (HMKV), Dortmund

Bring your own, Between Bridges, Berlin

            On the moment of change there is always a new threshold of imagination , Artspace NZ,  Newton, Auckland, NZ

2014 . Only the dead come to the end , Canakkale Biennial, TR

            10 , Berghain, Berlin

            Interfaces , Film Festival, Kitzbühel, A

            Closest Distance , Galerist, Istanbul, TR

            The Mechanical Corps , Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin

            5 billion solar years , Galerie Hauff, Stuttgart

            Metropolis aka guest list , Berghain, Berlin


            Living with more art , Galerie Hauff, Stuttgart 

            Muscle Temple , Studio 0047, Oslo, NO

            Home / Desert / Hostel , Kunstquartier Grauer Hof, Aschersleben


            Living with art , Galerie Hauff, Stuttgart

2011    The Hungarian method , Kunstquartier Grauer Hof, Aschersleben

2010    Correct me if I’m critical , Nordic Embassies, Berlin

2009   There is no audience , Centro Cultural Montehermoso, Vitoia-Gasteiz, ES

            Time Challenges , HISK, Ghent, BE

2008   Once a worker, be a worker , Aksanat, Istanbul, TR

            All , Berghain, Berlin

2007   13 moons , Berghain, Berlin

            Big Family Business , IMC, Istanbul, TR

2006   Attention , Victoriahof, Berlin

            CADEGIJÖKOMANEPHVI , Loft, Berlin


2017   Residency , Villa Romana, Italy

            Exhibition Fellowship , SAHA Foundation, Istanbul

            Exhibition scholarship , Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Berlin

2015/2016 Working scholarship of the Berlin Senate , Berlin

2014    Exhibition Scholarship , Stiftung Kunstfonds, Bonn

2008    27th Contemporary Artists Prize Aksanat and the Turkish Society of Sculpture and Art (1st prize in the category Illustration & Painting), Istanbul, TR


2011 – 2012 Master student, Prof. Tristan Pranyko, Weißensee Art Academy Berlin

2007 – 2011 Studied Textile and Surface Design, Weißensee Art Academy Berlin

2002 – 2004 Visual arts studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, BE

1998 – 2002 Bachelor and Master in Fashion Design, University of Applied Sciences (HTW) Berlin 

1996 – 1998 Fashion Design, ESMOD, Berlin